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OMMEC MODERNA produces various systems for fluids treatment; these kind of plants are divided mainly according to the following functions:

  1. Liquid - liquid separation

  2. Solid – liquid separation

  3. Vacuum evaporator with heat pump

  4. Ultrafiltration plants

  5. Mixing of liquid products.

1. Separation of liquid – liquid

These plants are indicated for the separation of broken oil from wash in water-based cleaning solution in washing machines, wash in “lubrorefrigerante” of tools machines and storage tanks.
The principle is the coalescence, in fact oils, that in the resting phase floating on the surface, are extracted from the water; for the extraction of these oils we build the following types of separators:

  • Tape oil separator - suitable for oils and fluids and without particulate. This separator extracts the oil through a pH and thermo-resistant tape that has a high capacity of adhesion to the oil circulating in the bathroom. The tape is 100 mm large and it is scraped on both sides;


    disoleatore a nastro    disoleaore a nastro 2    disoleatore a nastro3


  • Disc Separator - suitable for heavy and grease oil; this oil separator extracts the oil through a stainless steel disc made circulated in the bathroom and scratched on both sides;


    Disoleatore a disco    disoleatore a disco2


  • Specific weight oil separator - in communicating tanks with appropriate gradients to overflow to the drain the oil in surface; in the treatment of emulsions you can make separate oil from water with appropriate chemicals for activation of coalescence.

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2. Separation of solid – liquid

Ommec Moderna for the separation of solid from liquid, according to the prevalence of liquid or solid to handle, divide its plants in the following two types:

  • filtration systems for the separation of solid particles from liquid; this type include:
    • filtration systems with pump and wire wrapped nylon cartridge filter;

    • filtration systems with pump and bag filter;

    • fabric static filtration systems;

    • dynamic filtration plants - centrifugal rotary drum filters; these plants are highly productive and can be applied in many sectors, from washing to recovery of precious materials, such as wood chips from machining of brass and water treatment obtained from cutting waterjet systems.

  • cetrifughe for disoiling or drying of small mechanical details or metal shavings.

  • Ultrafiltration plants UF 250

Ultrafiltration plants UF 250: this king of plant is capable of maintaining clean and continuously efficient the degreasing solution by continue removing pollutants that would otherwise accumulate rapidly in the bathroom, exhausting the product.
Therefore the plant remove the salts of heavy metals and alkaline earth metals, any free and emulsified oils, the organic macromolecules and colloidal suspensions in general, eliminating the periodic replacement of the bathroom.
The pollutants separated are periodically disposed of in concentrated form.
The system uses tubular ceramic membranes that are employed in aggressive solutions up to extremes pH and high temperatures (above 100 ° C).

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3. Vacuum evaporator with heat pump

They are high energy efficient evaporators concentrators aimed at solving ecological problems arising from pollutant liquids, present in various stages of companies processing.
What is an evaporator or concentrator? It is an industrial machine in which are placed liquid waste. From the process of evaporation of the evaporator or concentrator comes out clean demineralized water that can be reused in varying degrees from 80 to 95% of the wastewater released, while by the process of concentration you get a very concentrated effluent (5-20%) in which it is collected all pollutant products.
Often the process of concentration are obtained raw materials that can be reusabled in production such as nickel, chromium and copper.
An evaporator for the treatment of water-based liquids; leverages the combined effect of vacuum and heat pump to get the boiling at low temperature (25-40 ° C) of liquids and the subsequent sedimentation or concentration of pollutants, greatly reducing the volumes of material for disposal.


R 150v3 

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4. Ultrafiltration plants

The ultrafiltration plants made by Ommec Moderna are able to maintain a constant efficiency of the baths by the continuous removal of the pollutants through the technique of ultrafiltration that allows to realize a closed system at low maintenance and minimum environmental impact.

Before working a metal piece, is necessary to treat to remove oils, whole or emulsified fats, additives and processing residues.The degreasing is carried out using a suitable solution which is discharged periodically replacing it with fresh product , going to meet several drawbacks:

  • Stop of the machine: is necessary to stop working for emptying the tanks work with a consequent decrease in production;

  • Inconsistent quality of the pieces: if you do not renew the solution, its degreasing is reflected in a continuous deterioration of the treatment, resulting in inconsistency in the quality of the pieces;

  • High costs: a batch process results in increased costs of intervention, for the renovation of tanks and disposal, due to the volume of spent solution to be deleted.

The adoption of the plants Modern UF eliminates these problems since it is a system that operates continuously in a completely automatic, maintains constant the properties of the bath and lowers the volumes of exhausted to dispose of.
Finally, it is important to highlight that the plants Modern UF improve the quality of the final product: a degreasing bath always clean provides pieces on which it will have an optimum workability in the subsequent stages (eg, painting or cold deformation), without any variation of such a characteristic in time.

Moderna plants UF are connected to the tanks for the recovery of products for washing the pieces:
the dirty solution from the tanks, consisting of water degreasing + pollution, enters in the unit that returns the solution water + degreaser, obviously more effective.




Operating without this type of treatment saw the gradual degreasing bath that not only require a regular stop working for the discharge of exhaust products, failing to deliver consistent performance on all pieces, with very negative consequences on subsequent treatment. In the figure below shows the trend of the efficiency of the bath in function of time, with and without its continuous regeneration.



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5. Mixing of liquid products

OMMEC MODERNA, to give a complete service to their customers produces mixing systems with proportional dosing pump and flow meter, to mix in an optimal way solutions composed of two or more liquids; finds ideal application for the preparation of emulsions and coolants in the preparation of solutions washing, but can be used in all applications in which are required precise mixing of liquids.




Air treatment

OMMEC MODERNA designs and manufactures equipment for dust extraction and filtration operations in the dry grinding, sanding, etc.., extraction and purification of fumes and dust generated by small-scale plasma cutting, laser cutting, flame cutting, etc..
The cleaning of the cartridge or filter elements takes place automatically with compressed air in backwash, regulated by the electronic programmer with post-cleaning to an electrically driven stationary with consequent optimum storage of the powders in the drawer of recovery.
The types of filtration systems products are the following:

  • Self-cleaning filter cartridges;
  • Filters Sleeves;
  • Panel filters;
  • Cyclone dust collector for dust heavy;
  • Suction benches for cutting equipment.


filtro a maniche    filtro a pannelli    filtro a maniche     filtro laser

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