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Industrial cutting system for sheet and tube

3D thermal cutting

Ommec Modern designs and manufactures thermal cutting, plasma and oxygen cutting for flat plates (2D) and profiles and  pressure bar (3D) as round tubes, square, rectangular, Hea, Heb, Hem, Ipe, Ils,etc.
Modern machines Ommec work with continuous interpolation of all axes, with high dynamics and precision thanks to the brushless drives. They can also work continuously as lathes, assisted by bar feed systems and feedback driven, with greater autonomy and productivity.
The design is extremely functional and economical to be an alternative to other traditional machine tools in order to reduce  the  processing times.
The machines are equipped with software systems that allow you to do automatic nesting on sheet metal and  tubes, giving the possibility to reduce waste and to work well on small series.
Ommec Moderna's  cutting systems are extremely efficient, simple and inexpensive, can be customized  to  specific customer needs and integrated with automated servo systems.



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